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Fooddrug regulatory reform completed during the year

Date:11/10/2014    Hits:
Earlier this year, the Central Committee of the food and drug regulatory system reform and improve the decision to deploy. At present, China is facing what the food security situation, how to reform progress, how to improve our food safety issues? Reporters interviewed the State Food and Drug Administration Director Zhang Yong. China has entered the high-fat food and drug safety risk-prone period of Recently, the British Economist Intelligence Unit and DuPont were released Global Food Security Index rankings, China were ranked forty-second and third nineteen in both list, which aroused our current food hot security situation.
Yong believes that the views of various surveys and research institutions, only as a reference, can not affect our domestic mass departure from the desire to study and implement realistic policies and measures. However, this ranking also some inspiration: the top quarter of the countries are developed countries, indicating the extent of food and drug safety situation and the economic and social development of a country have a close relationship, which is more balanced view of food and drug safety situation, fuller understanding of China's food and drug supervision work of arduous nature, provides a perspective.
Zhang Yong, from the international experience, the high-speed market in the early stages of economic development, self-restraint as the market mechanism is not perfect, fit the needs of the business integrity of the market economy system is imperfect, food and drug safety, product quality and safety issues in general will be a highlight of the . China has entered the high incidence of food and drug safety risk-prone period.
From our country, the food and drug industry has experienced rapid growth in the extensive, low threshold current industry, complex formats, quality and safety management awareness and capability overall weak, uneven, relying on reputation, brand achieve healthy development of the external market adjustment mechanism it is not perfect. At the same time there has been a small farmer supply of raw materials, bulk operations and industrial conflicts intensive production, marketing high security with various aspects of dependence and nationwide circulation, a large division of the risks and other conflicts.
Especially since this year, the food and drug regulatory authorities ushered in perpetuity of the special period. Regulatory reform in full swing at all levels, so that regulatory reform transition period continuity, stability, face enormous challenges. Faced with the pressures and challenges, food and drug regulatory authorities on the one hand with one hand and regulatory reform, launched a series of in-depth intensive remediation actions to accelerate the pace of establishing the most stringent regulatory regime, effectively controlling the various types of risks.
The current masses of the people are not satisfied with the food and drug safety, there are many places, some of the reaction is still relatively strong. This aspect is due to our food and drug safety foundation is not strong, and even some areas, part of the problem is still relatively prominent; among the other hand, due to the food and drug safety technical, professional, regulatory authorities, businesses, consumers difficult to achieve complete information symmetry, in some cases the information society is often used as integrity issues that affect consumer confidence of the masses. But food and drug regulatory system always adhere to one, must pay attention to the actual feelings of the masses, the masses should eat safe food, access to safe medicines needs and desires as the tireless efforts of pressure and power.
Yong believes that good food and drug safety, the key is the food and drug supervision departments should correctly understand the good, a good two aspects of responsibility.

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