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Analysis of the three dimensions of the development of medical devices

Date:11/10/2014    Hits:
Aging, health insurance coverage and reimbursement upgrade brings greater demand for medical supplies procurement and home medical equipment industry Yixie how to deal with high market demand, how to win in the fierce competition in the industry has become a common concern outside topic.
According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2012 China's medical equipment industry revenue was 156.5 billion yuan, the market size for medical devices 8% of the total pharmaceutical market, and in 2009 the market size of the global medical devices market has accounted for a total of 42 pharmaceutical %, showing that there is still a lot of future development prospects of China's medical device industry.
So in the face of such a good market prospects, Yixie industry what to do to win it? A strong research and innovation capacity. Technological innovation is the source of the enterprise's core competitiveness, Medtronic and Mindray created a lot of "firsts", and its R & D investment accounted for over the years has remained at around 10%.
Second, diversified product line reserves. Diversified mentioned here, one refers to the upgrading of the same type of product; second refers to different areas to broaden the product line. Own R & D cycle is often longer, and through mergers and acquisitions, medical device companies can quickly grow into a large company. We believe that the acquisition of the same type of product can be formed of scale, and create synergies in R & D and sales, enhance product competitive advantage in segments; the other hand, due to the limited capacity of the medical device market segments, epitaxial merger is the driving force companies to maintain long-term growth.
Third, the global marketing network construction. Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, the medical device industry is a global competitive industry, after technological breakthroughs, the cost advantage of emerging markets will be the medical device industry to participate in international competition, a magic, in addition to the layout of globalization can also medical devices for emerging markets industry open a larger market. I believe the medical device industry from "research and innovation capacity, diversification of product lines reserves, global marketing channels," these three dimensions of view, will be able to promote the progress of the industry, make it a place of high-end medical devices.

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