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Medical device industry enticing

Date:11/10/2014    Hits:
In recent years, due to market and support the development of policy, the concept of medical devices on the secondary market to benefit from the high degree of prosperity of the industry, the strong trend to accelerate the rise, experts predict: the next few years, China will become the world's second largest or medical equipment market. Therefore, the development of medical equipment has become the focus of everyone's attention.
Medical devices, alone or in combination refers to any instrument, apparatus, appliance, material or other items. Medical device industry involves many sectors pharmaceuticals, machinery, electronics, plastics, etc., is a multi-disciplinary, knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive high-tech industries.
Experts said: medical device market is one of the fastest growing markets in China's economic development today, the industry growth than the pharmaceutical market during the second five will maintain 20% -30% compound growth rate, the government health care system in the building increased investment, rising consumer affordability and health awareness, drive new impetus to medical and health system and other factors, the medical device industry is facing unprecedented good opportunities for development.
According to the data: Chinese primary health care institutions of medical devices, has about 15% of all products before and after the 1970s, 60% of the mid-1980s product, which is a process of replacement demand release process, to ensure that the next 10 years or even longer period of rapid growth in the Chinese medical device market.
In recent years, the field of medical devices and foreign acquisitions incidents continue to precisely illustrate the degree of concern Yixie industry. January 2013, the second-largest orthopedic device manufacturers Stryker Corporation at a price of HK $ 7.5 per share, a premium of 45.3% acquired listed in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland's largest orthopedic device companies - Genesis Medical; September 2013 25, 2009, Stryker announced the acquisition of Mako will be $ 1.65 billion and its surgical treatment related core technologies. Day, Mako shares rose more than 82 percent.
In the medical device industry broad prospects for development and M & A crowd constantly on the occasion, the relevant enterprises should should get the chance, starting from their own, accelerate technological innovation, accelerate product replacement rate, continue to market the influx of new high-tech medical equipment . Yihuo through mergers and acquisitions, integration of resources and promote development.

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