Effective wound healing
Keep the wound moist and gentle in the local environment. Without scab healing, epithelial cells divide quickly and migrate easily, which eventually shortens the healing time.

Market analysis

Before the 18th century, people mainly treated wounds according to their personal experience. At the end of the 18th century, they applied the dry healing concept of exposure therapy or thin-layer breathable dressing to treat wounds. In the 1960s, the wet healing theory began to be studied gradually. A large number of wound types and clinical practice were used to prove the advancement and effectiveness of wet healing. With the progress of science and technology, wound care means are constantly updated. Clinical nursing workers should master new wound care knowledge and skills, and adopt appropriate dressing change methods and dressings according to patients' different conditions, so as to provide better nursing services for patients. Adopting wet healing in clinical treatment in Europe and China can help the wound heal early, reduce the times of dressing change, improve the patient's comfort, obviously shorten the patient's hospitalization days and strive for an early recovery.

Advantages of advanced wound dressing
1. Keep the wound moist and warm in local environment.
2. Improve local microcirculation and awaken self-cleaning ability of chronic wound site.
3. The surface layer of the wound is moist, protecting the new tissue, reducing irritation and relieving pain.
4. Shorten healing time

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