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Face Mask
Product description

l Wearing a mask correctly can effectively prevent the spread of the virus. Masks form a physical barrier around the wearer's mouth and nose, isolate potential pollutants in the surrounding environment, and effectively filter visible harmful substances such as droplets and dust. Different masks have different uses and different wearing comfort levels.

Product advantages

l Three layers of protection, efficient filtration;

l Plastic nose bridge strip, comfortable to wear, the ear straps are highly elastic and not tight;

Applicable scene

l Medical staff working in general outpatient clinics and wards;

l Staff in relatively closed places such as hospitals, airports, railway stations, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.;

l Those who are engaged in administrative management, police, security, courier, etc. related to the epidemic, and those who are isolated at home and living with them are all medium-risk exposed persons;

l Public, indoor office environment, and patients in medical institutions (except fever clinics) in crowded areas such as supermarkets, shopping malls, transportation vehicles, and elevators;

l Children in kindergartens and school students who focus on learning and activities belong to people with lower risk exposure.

  • Disposable Medical Mask

    Disposable medical mask is made of melt-blown non-woven fabric.
    spun-bonded non-woven fabric, nose clip, ear loop, BFE>95%.
  • Fragrance Mask

    Fragrance mask is produced with natural plant essential oils, adoptingnano-encapsulated fragrance retention technology, omega structure,which can keep fragrance all day long while blocking visible objects suchas droplets and dust.
  • Disposable Antibacterial Mask

    The disposable antibacterial mask is made of durable and effective Medpure photodynamic bactericidal material.which is skin-friendly, breathable, non-allergenic, and has no peculiar smell when worn for a long time. It caneffectively block visible objects such as droplets and dustMaterial: Non-woven ...
  • KN95 Mask/FFP2 NR Mask

    KN95 mask is composed of outer non-woven fabric, medical electrostatic melt-blown fabric, hot-air cotton and skin-friendly non-woven fabric,
    with five layers of filtration and efficient protection.
  • Surgical Mask

    The surgical mask is made of high-quality medical melt-blown fabricwith three layers of protection ,BFE ≥ 95%
  • Rainbow Gradient Mask

    Personalized, high beauty, multi-color matched, skin friendly,breathable, anti-allergenic, long-term wear without odoreffective barrier of droplets, dust and other visible objects.
Precautions1. Choose personal protective equipment based on risk; 2. Personal protective equipment should be changed every 4 hours; 3. Do not reuse single-use personal protective equipment; 4. For repeated use, it needs to be sterilized.
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