IV nursing
Use appropriate IV dressing to prevent intravenous infusion infection.

Market analysis

At present, IV dressing has been widely used in clinic, but due to improper maintenance and irregular fixation of IV dressing, complications will occur, such as catheter slippage, bacterial infection, red and swollen veins, blood and fluid leakage, etc. Reasonable selection of IV dressing can increase the indwelling time of the IV dressing, make the infusion smooth, keep the skin dry and reduce the pain of patients. The principle of using the IV dressing is practical, beautiful, firm and simple.

Advantages of transparent dressing
1.High moisture permeability, preventing skin from being soaked.
2.Prevent the invasion of bacteria, without the risk of external infection.
3.Transparency, observing the wound at any time.
4.The pasting is safe and simple, and the used structure can be pasted quickly and accurately.
5.Effective strong viscosity, which can be kept on the wound for 3-5 days.

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