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  • Disposable Medical Mask

    Disposable medical mask is made of melt-blown non-woven fabric.
    spun-bonded non-woven fabric, nose clip, ear loop, BFE>95%.
  • Fragrance Mask

    Fragrance mask is produced with natural plant essential oils, adoptingnano-encapsulated fragrance retention technology, omega structure,which can keep fragrance all day long while blocking visible objects suchas droplets and dust.
  • Disposable Antibacterial Mask

    The disposable antibacterial mask is made of durable and effective Medpure photodynamic bactericidal material.which is skin-friendly, breathable, non-allergenic, and has no peculiar smell when worn for a long time. It caneffectively block visible objects such as droplets and dustMaterial: Non-woven ...
  • KN95 Mask/FFP2 NR Mask

    KN95 mask is composed of outer non-woven fabric, medical electrostatic melt-blown fabric, hot-air cotton and skin-friendly non-woven fabric,
    with five layers of filtration and efficient protection.
  • Surgical Mask

    The surgical mask is made of high-quality medical melt-blown fabricwith three layers of protection ,BFE ≥ 95%
  • Medical Protective Face Shield

    Size and packaging can be customized according to customer's needs!
  • Medical Protective Goggles

    Size and packaging can be customized according to customer's needs!
  • Rainbow Gradient Mask

    Personalized, high beauty, multi-color matched, skin friendly,breathable, anti-allergenic, long-term wear without odoreffective barrier of droplets, dust and other visible objects.
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