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Silicone wound contact layer dressing
Product description

l Silicone wound contact layer dressing is composed of PU film, silicone gel and PE isolation film.

Product advantage

l Soft silicone technology, soft, transparent, gentle, self-adhesive;

l Non-adherent, keep the wound moist without residue; protect the transplant wound and skin flap;

l Ensuring that any outer dressing does not stick to the wound site, protect the granulation and epithelium, minimising pain during dressing change and removal.

l Porous design, hydrophobic and breathable, so that the exudate can pass through smoothly and be quickly absorbed by the outer dressing;

l Thin, flexible and lightweight, smooth conforming, can be cut or spliced;

l Reduce itching and prevent scarring.

Applicable scene

l Various post-surgical incisions;

l All kinds of acute wounds, such as abrasions, avulsions, burns, etc.;

l Granulation period of various chronic wounds;

l Wounds of sensitive parts, such as finger wounds, wounds after nail extraction, foreskin wounds, perianal surgery wounds, etc.;

l Skin graft and skin graft area for skin graft patients;

l Use in combination with negative pressure products.

  • Silicone Wound Contact Layer Dressing

    Silicone wound contact layer is a porous, soft, thin, flexible and non-adherentwound dressing, is widely used for surgical incision & emergency wound treatment.It is usually used together with outer absorbent layer dressing.
Precautions1.Cut the dressing when the backing is not removed; 2.Please consult a doctor if local discomfort occurs during use; 3.Strictly follow the principle of aseptic operation; 4.Clean the wound and surrounding skin.
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