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Foam dressing
Product description

l This product is foamed by adding CMC to medical polyurethane. It is divided into ordinary type, composite type, self-adhesive type and silver ion type;

l Product thickness 2-6mm, weight per unit area: 735g/m2/5mm (thickness);

lIt is a composite type the surface composite polyurethane breathable film. Its air permeability: 1.84g/10m2/24h/37°C, liquid absorption: 6.94g/10m2/24h/37°C, total adsorption capacity: 8.78g/10m/24h/37 °C;

l Water absorption rate ≥8;

l sticky part of the self-adhesive foam dressing is a thin silicone layer, which can accelerate wound healing while fixing the dressing.


Product advantage

l 2-6mm Product thickness 2-6mm;

l High liquid absorption capacity to reduce the risk of maceration;

l The surface is covered with a polyurethane film, which is waterproof and breathable and prevents the invasion of bacteria;

l Soft and comfortable, good compliance;

l Various specifications and forms to meet different clinical needs.

Use steps泡沫敷料使用步奏.png
Applicable scene

l For the management of chronic and acute wounds such as leg ulcers, pressure ulcers (stages I-IV) and diabetic ulcers;

l Surgical trauma (post-surgery, donor site, skin injury);

l Partial cortical (I degree) burns;

l Traumatic wounds or surgical wounds left for secondary healing treatment, such as open surgical incisions;

l Surgical wounds treated by primary healing, such as dermatological and surgical incisions (such as orthopedics and vascular surgery);

l Topical treatment of bleeding-prone wounds, such as mechanically or surgically removed wounds and donor sites;

l Painful wounds, abrasions, lacerations, cuts, burns, etc.;

l Silver ion foam dressing is especially suitable for infected wounds accompanied by high exudate;

l Tracheotomy type is suitable for intubation fixation during tracheotomy and other special occasions;

l Tracheotomy foam dressing is suitable for intubation fixation in special occasions such as tracheotomy.

普通型泡沫敷料效果示意图 拷贝.jpg

The effect diagram of silicone foam dressing non border

  • Foam Dressing

    Foam dressing is made of medical polyurethane foam. It is used toabsorb exudate from wound surface, keep wound part moist, providea moist healing environment and accelerate wound healing.
  • Foam Dressing(with PU film)

    Foam Dressing with PU film is made of protective PU film backing and absorbent PU foam. lt is used to absorb exudate fromwound surface, keep wound part moist, provide a moist healing environment and accelerate wound healing.
Precautions1. Wash the wound with saline before use, and gently dry the skin around the wound; 2. Choose a foam dressing 2cm larger than the wound to cover the wound; 3. After absorbing the exudate, please change the dressing in time when the swollen part of the dressing is close to 2cm from the edge; 4. Can be used in conjunction with other dressings depending on the wound condition.
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