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Essential Oil Care Products
Product description

l A special blend of essential oils, formulated to soothe various discomforts. Essential oils contain peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus oil, etc., which can purify, soothe, refresh, and relieve nasal congestion.

Product advantage

l Natural plant extract, environmentally friendly and safe.

Applicable scene

l Cold and stuffy nose;

l Excessive use of the brain for a long time, high work pressure;

l Problems such as sleepiness and odor in various scenarios.

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  • Vapor Patch

    Vapor patch is made of non-woven faric, dripping with compound essential oil on the surface. The essential oil contains mint, lavender, eucalyptus leaf oil, etc. It is mainly used to relieve nasal congestion and make breathing easier.
  • Aromatherapy Pad

    Vapor pad is made of cotton pad and compound essential oil, 100% natural plant formula. It effects on soothing nerves, purifying air and eliminating odor.
  • Aromatherapy Inhaler

    The inhaler is composed of cotton core, compound essential oil and eenvironmental plastic tube. It is used to refresh your mind, concentrate, relieve headache. Make you breathe freely, and solve the problems of drowsiness and nasal congestion in various scenes.
Precautions1.Avoid direct contact with skin; 2.People with sensitive constitution should use it with caution.
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