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Eye Pad
Product description

The spunlace eye pad is composed of spunlace non-woven fabric coated with special medical acrylic adhesive or hot melt adhesive as the base material, and the middle absorbing pad is used for protection after ophthalmic surgery.

Product advantage

l Has excellent impermeability. Prevent bacterial invasion and protect wounds.

l Good initial and holding adhesion, and the edge is not easy to lift;

l Moderate peel strength, minimize the pain when tear off.

Applicable scene

Eye protection after eye surgery.

Precautions1.Clean and disinfect the wound site before use; 2.This product is a one-time applicable product, please do not reuse it; 3.Do not use if the product is sterile and the package is found to be damaged or opened; 4.This product is a hypoallergenic product, please stop using it immediately if allergic symptoms occur.
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