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Silicone Tape
Product description

Self-adhesive silicone gel tape is made of PU film or non-woven fabric coated with medical silicone gel. It is especially suitable for the skin of patients such as radiotherapy and dialysis, as well as neonates or infants, children and the elderly, to reduce the possibility of pain or injury during dressing changes.

Product advantage

l Convenient for clinical use, easy to paste and remove, comfortable and breathable, easy to use, firm paste and hypoallergenic;

l It has good adhesiveness and can be pasted repeatedly, which is convenient for nursing staff to observe and adjust the pasting position.

Applicable scene

l Ideal for patients with poor skin condition, sensitive, fragile or who need to change dressings on the same skin, such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, neonatal and patients who need dressing changes;

l Suitable for all kinds of cannula, catheters, electrodes or other external fixation devices that require gentle but firm skin protection and adhesion;

l Protect skin at risk of duct ulcers, or skin that needs radiation therapy.

  • PU Silicone Tape

    PU silicone tape is made of PU flm coating with silicone adhesive, sliting into medical fixation tape. lt fits skin with weakness.
    sensitivity, fragility; or patient who need to change dressing on the same skin.
  • Non-woven Silicone Tape

    Non-woven silicone tape is made of non-woven fabric coating with silicone adhesive, slitting into medical fixation tape. It fits skin with weakness, sensitivity, fragility; or patient who need to change dressing on the same skin.
Precautions1. The skin paste surface needs to be clean, dry, liquid-free and oil-free; 2. If it is found that the product is damaged or falls off, it should be replaced in time to achieve the fixing effect of the product.
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