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Hydrocolloid barrier
Product description

l Using a special formula of safe and reliable hydrocolloid skin barrier, and applying a special adhesive formula, the product has good initial and long-lasting adhesion.

Product advantage

l Specially designed hydrocolloid barrier, good adhesion, not easy to roll up;

l Comfortable and skin-friendly, non-allergenic, the use time is generally up to 5-7 days;

l Using special adhesive formula, it has good initial and long-lasting adhesion.

Applicable scene

l For connection to stoma and two-piece ostomy bag.

  • Hydrocolloid Barrier

    With special adhesive formula, hydrocolloid barrier has a safe and reliable skin barrie with good initial and long-lasting adhesion. It is used to connect the ostomy with the two-piece drainable pouch.
Precautions1.When pasting the ostomy bag hydrocolloid barrier, first ensure that the skin around the stoma is clean and dry, and it is best to use the standing or lying position to keep the skin around the stoma flat. It is best to press evenly for a few minutes after flat pasting to strengthen the adhesion; 2.If there is too much body hair around the stoma, the body hair should be removed first, otherwise it will affect the sticking effect or easily lead to the occurrence of folliculitis; 3.Do not use disinfectant, soap or even oily cleansers when cleaning the skin around the stoma. Only use warm water to thoroughly scrub from the inner ring of the stoma to the outside.
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