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Hydrocolloid dressing
Product description

l The surface is compounded with semi-permeable matte polyurethane film, and it can also be compounded with polyurethane foam to enhance the liquid absorption performance. Film thickness 0.02-0.025mm;

l Liquid absorption: more than 3 times its own weight;

 Liquid absorption capacity: 10 cm² dressing, 24h liquid absorption capacity should not be less than 1.0g, 48h liquid absorption capacity should not be less than 2.0g;

l PH5.7, acid and alkali resistance range PH3-PH12;

l The hygroscopic capacity and liquid absorption capacity can be adjusted according to clinical needs.

Product advantage

l Superior absorption and exudate properties;

l Keep the wound moist, so that the wound heals, relieves pain, and reduce the frequency of dressing changes;

l Waterproof, breathable, block the invasion of external bacteria;

l Good elasticity and self-adhesion, easy to use and comfortable;

l The replacement frequency can be prompted according to the color change of the product;

l It is easy to tear off and does not stick to the wound surface, no secondary damage and minimizing pain.

Applicable scene

All types of low to moderate exuding wounds

l epidermal damage;

l Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Stage I-II Pressure Ulcer Treatment;

l small area superficial burns;

l wound after surgery;

l Donor area wound;

l Granulation and Epitheligenesis in Chronic Wounds;

l Venous ulcers, phlebitis, lymphangitis, etc.;

l Plastic and cosmetic wounds.

Precautions1. Before use, the wound surface should be thoroughly cleaned and the skin around the wound should be dried; 2. It should be selected the hydrocolloid dressing that is about 2 cm wider than the edge of the wound to ensure adequate adhesion to the skin; 3. If the depth of the wound exceeds 5mm, a suitable material should be selected to fill the cavity before using the hydrocolloid dressing; 4. Not suitable for wounds with a lot of exudate; 5. It is normal for the dressing to bulge and whitish after absorption and swelling. When the absorption is saturated, it is prompted to change the dressing; 6. In the early stage of using hydrocolloid dressings, sometimes it may be found that the wounds expand instead, which is caused by the decontamination effect of the dressings, which is a normal phenomenon; 7. As the hydrocolloid molecules fuse with the exudate in use, a gel is formed. Sometimes it looks like a purulent discharge, so it is mistaken for wound infection. At this situation, rinse with normal saline. 8. The use of hydrocolloid dressings sometimes produces a certain odor, which disappears after cleaning the wound with saline. 9. If there is leakage around the paste, please change the dressing immediately.
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