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Personal Care Products

  • Cross Tape

    Cross tape is made of silk fabric, coating with medical acrylic adhesive, by punching anddie-cutting. lt can massage the acupoints through the grid structure to balance the body.
  • Hydrocolloid Heel Patch

    Hydrocolloid heel patch is like the second layer of human skin, which can effectively promote the self repairing, easily achieve the healing of blisters, with significant effect.
  • Mouth Seal Tape (anti-snoring)

    Mouth seal tape is made of non-woven fabric, silicone gel and protection film. It can improve sleep quality, keep non snoring environment, ensure respiratory health, correct snoring, and develop good breathing habits.
  • Thumb Tape (for Tenosynovitis)

    Thumb tape is made of elastic fabric, acrylic adhesive and release paper. It can effectively prevent the pain caused by excessive extension of thumb muscles; strengthen the joints and ligaments to resist the impact of external forces, and protect the stability.
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