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IV Dressing
Product description

It is a sheet-packed sterile dressing consisting of a release paper layer of the outer frame, a PU coating layer, and a layer of protective release material on the glue surface.

Product advantage

l Safe and easy to paste. The structure used allows you to paste it quickly and accurately;

l Antibacterial, waterproof, breathable, hypoallergenic;

l Complete specifications, providing more choices for clinical use;

l The paper film has low affinity, making it easier for nurses to operate when removing the frame, reducing the risk of edge curling;

l Transparent matte finish, not only can effectively observe the puncture point, but also protect privacy.

Applicable scene

It is used for trauma after debridement, as a dressing for postoperative wounds, and it can also be used for fixation of intravenous infusion indwelling needles.

  • Window-frame PU IV Dressing

    Window-frame PU IV dressing plaster is made of outer paper framelayer, coated PU layer and non-adhesive release layer. It is appliedto secure IV catheters or other tubing, cover and protect abrasions.cuts, minor burns, blisters and post-surgical incisions.
  • Non-woven IV Dressing

    Non-woven IV dressing plaster is a kind of piece package sterile wounddressing plaster, made of spunlace non-woven fabric, medical press-sentitiveadhesive and non-adhesive release layer. lt is applied to secure IV cathetersor other tubing, cover and protect abrasions, cuts, minor burns, blisters and...
  • PU IV Dressing

    PU I.V. dressing plaster is made of coated PU layer and non-adhesive release layer. It is applied to cover and protect abrasions, cuts, minor burns, blisters, securing IV catheters or other tubing and post-surgical incisions.
Precautions1. Clean and disinfect the wound site before us; 2. Start to tear off the frame from the crack of the frame structure, and gently press the dressing here while tearing it, so as to better fix the indwelling needle and prevent the dressing from being easily curled; 3. It is not advisable to use too much skin disinfectant, and fit the I.V. dressing film after the disinfectant on the skin surface is completely dry; 4. When puncturing the patient with a cannula needle, try to avoid the joint part as much as possible; 5. For the maintenance of the IV cannula, it is better to observe it frequently and fix it immediately. If sweat causes the film to curl, it should be replaced immediately to prevent infection; 6. For the parts that are easy to be curled, you can use elastic mesh sleeves and self-adhesive tapes to reduce the risk of curling; 7. For the skin that likes to sweat, it is more suitable to choose the hydrocolloid transparent dressing than the ordinary transparent dressing; 8. This product is a disposable product, please do not reuse it; 9. Do not use it if the package is damaged or opened; 10. This product is a hypoallergenic product, please stop using it immediately if you are allergic.
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