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Hydrocolloid Heel Patch
Hydrocolloid heel patch is like the second layer of human skin, which can effectively promote the self repairing, easily achieve the healing of blisters, with significant effect.
Product Detail

Basic information
hydrocolloidtransparent gelBox 60mm×20mm
Adhesive Coating

Customized sizes and packaging are available.


·The patch composed of viscous hydrocolloid inner and highly breathable polyurethane viscose film outer; without pharmaceutical ingredients.

·The inner layer provides a moist wound healing environment, while the outer layer is waterproof, bacteria resistant, soft, comfortable and breathable.

·Variety of types and shapes for full foot protection

Applicaton situationPreventive protection for skin blisters, corns, small wounds caused by various acute and chronic injuries, and preventive protection of the parts of foot bone process prone to friction injury.
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