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Silicone Foam dressing
   Unique structure
Product advantage

l Self-developed silicone gel punching technology;

l Easy to paste, no sticky hair;

l Large absorption capacity, can be pasted repeatedly;

l No damage to the skin, no pain;

l Prevent the formation of wound scars;

l Waterproof and breathable, soft and comfortable;

l Maintain a moist wound environment to promote moist healing.

Applicable scene

l Various post-surgical incisions ;

l Wounds with fragile surrounding skin (lower extremity ulcers, cancerous wounds, pyoderma, pressure ulcers, etc.);

l Painful wounds (radiation injury, etc.);

l Other types of chronic wounds.

  • Silicone Foam Dressing Non Border

    Non bordered silicone foam dressing is self-adhering dressing consisting of protective film backing, absorbent PU foam.silicone wound contact layer and release film. lt is mainly used for chronic and acute wounds with moderate to high exuding,and also used for the prevention and treatment of pressur...
  • Silicone Foam Dressing Border

    Bordered silicone foam dressing is a self-adhering dressing with an additional bordered edge consisting of protective flm backingsuper absorbent core, absorbent PU foam, silicone wound contact layer and release flm. t is mainly used for chronic and acutewounds with moderate to high exuding, and also...
Precautions1.Strictly follow the principle of aseptic operation; 2.Choose an appropriate dressing according to the size and shape of the wound. The core part of the dressing should completely cover the wound, and the border of the dressing should exceed the wound edge by 1-2 cm; 3.Clean the wound and surrounding skin; 4.Remove the backing and stick it onto the wound site; 5.Observe whether the wound is exposed and whether the dressing is firmly attached; 6.Decide the frequency of dressing changes or follow the doctor's advice according to the condition of the wound.
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