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Fragrance Mask
Fragrance mask is produced with natural plant essential oils, adoptingnano-encapsulated fragrance retention technology, omega structure,which can keep fragrance all day long while blocking visible objects suchas droplets and dust.
Product Detail

Performance Principle

Fragrance Face Mask

Fragrance Face Mask

Basic information
  1. Low air resistance melt-blown fabric, more breathable;

  2. SS super soft non-woven fabric, skin friendly and breathablenon-allergenic;

  3. All-aluminum nose clip, more flexible to reduce fog;

  4. Omega type structure, larger breathing space;

  5. Individual packing, safe and healthy.

Material: Non-woven fabric,Melt-blown fabric

Color:Mint green/Lemon yellow/Lavender purple




Customized sizes and packaging are available.

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