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Disposable Antibacterial Mask
The disposable antibacterial mask is made of durable and effective Medpure photodynamic bactericidal material.which is skin-friendly, breathable, non-allergenic, and has no peculiar smell when worn for a long time. It caneffectively block visible objects such as droplets and dustMaterial: Non-woven fabricMelt-blown fabric.
Product Detail

Structure diagram of antibacterial face mask

Disposable Antibacterial Face Mask

Performance Principle

Disposable Antibacterial Face Mask

Comparison between regular sterilization methods and photodynamic sterilization methods

Disposable Antibacterial Face Mask

Basic information

1.Low air resistance melt-blown fabric; BEF2 95%

2.SS super soft non-woven fabric, skin friendly andbreathable,non-allergenic;

3.3 layers protection to keep healthy respiratory;

4.Medpure material, patented technology.inactivate bacterium and viruses;

5.Individual packing, easy to carry.

Material:Non-woven fabric, Melt-blown fabric

Color:Tidal green

Packing :Individual packing

Size:9.5*14.5cm(for kids) 9.5*17.5cm

Standard: YY0469-2011

Customized sizes and packaging are available.

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