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First Aid Packet
Home-based, diverse products, simple operation and easy to carry.
Product Detail

First aid kit27x20x7.5alcohol pad2
deworming wipes3
BZK disinfectant wipes3
paper tape 1.25x10y1
eye pad2
cold pack 100g1
cotton ball5
non-woven cotton swab2
PE wound plaster 52x1162
PE wound plaster 45x762
PE wound plaster 38x762
PE wound plaster 72x1916
PVC gloves2
safety pins4
plastic tweezers1
wound compress 5'x9'1
nylon bag1
First aid kit12.5x8.5x5.5perforated elastic wound dressing 6x50cm1
PE wound plaster 72x19mm10
two bags of wound compress laminated two sides 5x5cm2
children wound plaster 56x19mm or 60x17mm6
gauze bandage 6cmx4m2
safety pins6
non-woven triangular bandage1
paper tape 1.25cmx3m1
fingertip wound plaster 2x12cm1
list and paper card1
first aid bag1
Customized sizes and packaging are available.
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