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Two-piece Ostomy Pouch
The two-piece ostomy pouch is composed of high barrier multilayercoextrusion film, non-woven fabric and hydrocolloid barrier. To solvethe defecation problem after surgical resection of distal intestinallesions, the proximal intestinal tube is turned over and pulled out;and the intestinal wall is sutured to establish a new defecation form an enterostomy.
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Max. dia.

Packing Qty.

PE mesh filmNon-woven


148mm × 190mm60mm20pcs/bx 20bx/cs
M202M212White/Begie142mm × 200mm60mm20pcs/bx 20bx/cs
M203M213White/Begie142mm × 256mm60mm20pcs/bx 20bx/cs
M204M214White/Begie145mm × 292mm60mm20pcs/bx 20bx/cs
M205M215White/Begie148mm × 292mm60mm20pcs/bx 20bx/cs
M206M216White/Begie142mm × 292mm60mm20pcs/bx 20bx/cs
M207M217White/Begie160mm × 278mm60mm20pcs/bx 20bx/cs
Customized sizes and packaging are available.
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