Take you to learn about Medical Tape

The medical industry is increasing, and Medical Tape is a ubiquitous tool in this field, so how exactly should Medical Tape be used?

Medical Tape

And What precautions should we pay attention to?

1. How to use Medical Tape?

(1) Medical Tape is suitable for clinical infusion in medical institutions when the needle body and infusion catheter are fixed, wound dressing appointed, and other medical supplies are restored;

(2) Medical Tape is usually applied to dry, clean, chemical-free, or greasy skin. Place the tape flat on the paste, make it fit with the skin, and then wipe it with your fingers from the center of the video to both sides to ensure no tension between the tape and the skin paste.

2. Use methods and precautions.

(1) Non-sterile Medical Tape should be sterilized before use if there is a requirement for aseptic use;

(2) Sterilization methods can sterilize ethylene oxide or cobalt 60. Medical Tape is suitable for protective use when tripping and exercising and should not be applied to wounds;

(3) Medical Tape is mostly single-use products and shall not be reused; product packaging damage, moisture, and mold can not be used;

(4) Medical Tape should be handled according to the requirements of the relevant departments after use;

(5) Medical Tape in transport should be moisture-proof, fire prevention, and anti-pollution, which can not come in contact with toxic and harmful substances;

(6) Medical Tape should be stored in a dry, clean room and keep indoor ventilation.

3. About Medical Tape details description.

(1) Medical Tape with non-woven fabric as the substrate. The surface is coated with medical adhesive for general surgery trip wounds. The material used in this product has been widely used in clinical practice, and the safety of the material has been proven, with no skin irritation or allergic reactions;

(2) Medical Tape is a non-woven breathable tape, suitable viscosity, easy to tear, low allergenicity, ideal for surgical trip wounds, and can also be used as an intravenous injection fixed needle;

(3) Medical Tape is soft and comfortable, with a strong affinity to the skin, strong anti-tension, fixed firmly, and not easy to shift, effectively reducing the occurrence of allergies.

In short, Medical Tape to daily medical treatment brought a lot of conveniences, easy to use. Because of the promotion of Medical Tape, the medical environment has been dramatically improved, generally recognized by most people.

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