Increase 7.51%! my country's high -end medical dressing exports are in good momentum

Since 2023, the world economic recovery has been tested huge, and the external environment is complex and changeable. The global public health incident situation is converted, and the market demand for infection and control products has declined. At the same time, the relevant product demand side and channel end inventory are high, and the market is at a very low -speed level. In half a year, the global medical dressing export volume was US $ 3.660 billion (HS6 -bit coding statistics), a year -on -year decrease of 42.19%.

According to the statistics of customs data (HS eight -bit codes), the Chinese Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce in the first half of 2023 my country ’s total export of medical dressing was 2.151 billion US dollars, a year -on -year decrease of 48.25%, and the decline was slowing down (10.22 percentage points decreased from 2022), but before the epidemic (before the epidemic (before the epidemic (before the epidemic (before the epidemic (before the epidemic (before the epidemic (before the epidemic (before the epidemic (before the epidemic (before the epidemic ( In the first half of 2019, exports were US $ 1.299 billion) still rose 65.59%.

In recent years, my country's medical dressing exports have been ranked first in the world, accounting for 65.7%of the global market in 2022, and 58.78%in the first half of 2023. With many years of precipitation and development in China, my country's medical dressing industry has accumulated strong technical strength and toughness. It has advanced research and development, production, quality control, manufacturing, and supply chain management capabilities. Then, "independent innovation" seeks to find it up and down, and strives for high -quality development "China Intelligent Manufacturing". How to build Chinese brands and manufacture high -end medical dressing products on the value chain is a challenge and mission to further participate in global competition in Chinese medical dressing.

1. The monthly decline gradually slows down

According to the monthly statistics, since September 2022, the demand for Chinese medical dressing exports has gradually declined with the transfer of global public health incidents, but the decline in the decline has gradually slowed down, and export companies are mainly to meet the demand for domestic market. In March 2023, with the end of the Spring Festival holiday and the full recovery of the market, the export value was US $ 416 million, an increase of 32.59%year -on -year. After that, with the global economic inflation, the demand was weak, and the inventory was high. The decline in the volatility of exports continued from April to June.



2. The most imported amount in the United States

In the first half of 2013, my country exported medical dressing to 207 countries and regions around the world. The United States, Japan, and the Netherlands are the main export destinations. Among them, the United States is the largest export market. The proportion of its exports exceeds 1/5 of the world, and the export value is 437 million US dollars, a year -on -year decrease of 44.53%. $ 100 million, accounting for 26.6%. Japan is the second largest export market, with an export value of US $ 322 million, a decrease of 35.86%year -on -year. The most exported medical dressing in Japan is a mask in the infected protection products, with an export value of 232 million US dollars, accounting for 71.9%. The Dutch-ranked export destination is third, with an export value of US $ 104 million, the smallest decrease year-on-year (-3.22%). The main export products are high-end medical dressing, with an export value of 45.95 million US dollars, accounting for 44.21%.

In addition, my country ’s exports to Saudi Arabia increased by 18.95%year -on -year, which is not easy to achieve growth in the public. The main export products are traditional medical dressing gauze, cotton cotton and bandages, and the proportion is 33.44%of the total export of Saudi Arabia.

With comprehensive advantages such as complete raw material supply, comprehensive supporting supply chain system, comprehensive supporting supply chain system, accurately grasping the management concepts of customer standards, and reasonable costs, it has become an important procurement area for the global traditional medical dressing. With the frequent outbreak of epidemic infectious diseases worldwide, the trend of aging of the world's population is obvious, the urgent demand for the improvement of medical levels and regions in poor countries and the enhancement of people's health care awareness, the meetings of the global medical dressing market still exist. Big gap. It is expected that for a long time in the future, the scale of the medical dressing industry will continue to grow.


3. High -end products increased by 7.51%

According to the statistics of the HS coding of medical dressing products, in the first half of this year, the most exported export in my country's medical dressing was the mask, with an export value of 579 million US dollars, a year -on -year decrease of 75.91%; followed by the traditional prescribed pills, gauze, and bandages, the export value was 4.77.77 is 4.77. $ 100 million, a year -on -year decrease of 14.69%; medical non -woven fabrics and protective services ranked third, with an export value of US $ 371 million, a year -on -year decrease of 40.37%. The reasons for the decline in medical non -woven fabrics, in addition to the decline in demand and high inventory, another factors that cannot be ignored are non -woven products, surgical clothes, and pad orders. The self -producing and sales of even exports have caused the trend of decline in exports to begin to appear.

In addition, the highlight of my country's export products is high -end medical dressing (unlimited adhesive dressing and other items with adhesive coating). The export value achieves $ 367 million, an increase of 7.51%year-on-year, indicating that my country is from traditional gauze from gauze. Traditional medical dressings, cotton cotton, and bandages, and high-end dressings such as high-end silicone foam, algosate and other high-end dressings. Compared with passive traditional medical dressings, high -end medical dressings have formed the characteristics of high -efficiency materials, high -efficiency energy products and high -efficiency care. They can effectively promote wound healing. Essence At present, my country's medical dressing leading enterprises have continuously increased the research and development investment of high -end products, mergers and acquisitions, and jointly developed with university research laboratories, which continues to drive the structure of the entire industry's structured transformation and upgrading.


Look forward to

Organic and steady growth in crisis

Looking at the market and looking forward to the future, my country's medical dressing products export opportunities and challenges coexist.

Facing five major challenges this year

The challenges faced by my country's medical dressing exports this year are still severe. First, market demand declined under global inflation, superimposed on the impact of high bases and high inventory last year, and exporting development is at a very low -speed level. Second, the continuous rise in the price of exchange rate fluctuations and the prices of production factors has compressed the profits of Chinese enterprises. Third, under the current trend of international anti -globalization, many foreign customers with traditional medical dressings have begun to propose the slogan of "China+". In order to retain old customers, the traditional medical dressing industry chain and production capacity have begun to transfer to the Southeast Asian market. Fourth, the regulations of the European Union's regulations have continued to rigorous, which has caused a lot of challenges and made renewal requirements for enterprises. Fifth, the upgrading trend of products in the medical dressing industry is obvious, and high -end dressings lead the industry's development potential, but my country's high -end medical dressing still has shortcomings in raw material production technology.

High -end demand continues to increase

With the accumulation of the accumulation of foreign trade in the medical dressing industry from "Made in China", it has achieved the "Chinese quality manufacturing" overtake, and then has come to a new stage of transformation and upgrading of "China Intelligent Manufacturing". From the perspective of industry development, in recent years, the domestic medical system has continued to improve, and the trend of aging, aging, consumption upgrades, and strengthening the awareness of residents' health and health are obvious. With the improvement of demand, the penetration rate of Chinese medical dressings, especially high -end medical dressings, is expected to continue to improve. In the process of fully competing with multinational brands to achieve domestic replacement, my country's medical dressing industry is expected to maintain a steady growth trend.

We must pay attention to research and development innovation

In the process of accelerating the evolution of the world's centuries-old changes, the world economic recovery has insufficient power, global inflation is still high, the fragility of the financial market has increased, economic globalization has encountered countercurrent, local regional conflicts and turbulence are frequent, and the development of Chinese foreign trade development The external environment is unstable, uncertain, and unpredictable factors, and traditional Chinese medical dressings have also begun to face the risk of outbound migration of the industrial chain. But at the same time, we must also see that China has strong economic toughness, great potential, and dynamic vitality. The long-term good fundamentals have not changed. The high levels of high levels have continued to advance, and the innovation of foreign trade innovation has continued to increase. The excellent structure still has many favorable conditions, and the Chinese medical dressing industry will also face new development opportunities.

While stabilizing the development scale, quality and status of traditional medical dressing foreign trade, focusing on research and development innovation, and developing high -end medical dressing is the road and direction of high -quality development in the entire medical dressing industry in my country.

—— Source: China Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce

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