2023 my country's medical dressing export competition is fierce

2023 Medical dressing export analysis

Since 2023, the world economy has been weak, and the environment is complex and changing. Facing the difficulty of challenges and the uncertainty of the environment, Chinese medical dressing has also faced the lack of external needs, and the exports are serious. In addition to the decline in market demand for preventing and controlling products infection and control products in the global public health incident (masks in epidemic prevention supplies decreased by 73%year -on -year, and protective clothing decreased by 33.4%year -on -year), traditional medical dressing and high -end medical dressings are currently at low speed levels. There are some difficulties in medical dressing exports, and the industry is competing fiercely in the "stock market".

According to the statistics of the Chinese Medical Insurance Chamber (HS eight -bit coding), in 2023, my country's medical dressing export volume was about 4 billion U.S. dollars, a year -on -year decrease of about 44%, the number of exports decreased by 18.7%year -on -year, and the export price decreased by 31.1%year -on -year.

Except for epidemic prevention supplies (masks and protective clothing), the export volume was US $ 2.398 billion, a year -on -year decrease (US $ 2.735 billion in 2022) 12.32%. Compared with 2021 (2021 non -epidemic -proof materials medical dressing export volume of US $ 2.393 billion) was basically the same year -on -year.

Among them, the export volume of traditional dressings (cotton cotton gauze) was 943 million US dollars, a year -on -year decrease of 14.2%, and the export price was basically flat, and the export price decreased by 14.1%year -on -year. In terms of price competition, "the price is not very low, only lower", and the decline in export prices cannot be underestimated.

The export volume of high -end dressings was US $ 728 million, a year -on -year decrease of 5.6%, and the number of exports decreased by 5.6%year -on -year. The export price was basically flat. The decline in the high -end dressing market was mainly due to the decline in the main market demand in Europe and the United States. Of course, in general, the overall export of medical dressing was before the epidemic (US $ 3.261 billion in 2019), and the exports of medical dressing in my country still rose 22.72%year -on -year.

In recent years, my country's medical dressing exports have been ranked first in the world. The export volume of Chinese medical dressing is 2.151 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 58.78% of the total global medical dressing exports, and in 2022, it also accounts for 65.7% of the global market. With many years of precipitation and development in China, my country's medical dressing industry has accumulated strong technical strength and toughness, and has advanced research and development, production, quality control, manufacturing and supply chain management capabilities. The dressing products are the challenges and mission of Chinese medical dressing to further participate in global competition.

Month statistics, the decline gradually slows down

According to the monthly statistics, from September 2022, the demand for Chinese medical dressing exports gradually declined with the transfer of global public health incidents, but the decline in the decline gradually slowed down, and exporting companies were mostly to meet the demand for domestic markets. With the end of the holidays and a comprehensive recovery, the export volume was 416 million US dollars, an increase of 32.59%year -on -year. After the global economic inflation, the demand was weak. Narrow, especially at the end of November and December of the end of the year, it showed 6.9%and 7.4%from the previous trials.


The United States is the first large export market in my country in China

In 2023, my country exported medical dressing to 207 countries and regions around the world. The United States, Japan, and the Netherlands are my main destinations. Among them, the United States is the first large export market in my country. my country's export amount accounts for more than 1/5 of the world, and the export value is 894 million US dollars, a year -on -year decrease of 32%. It was $ 115 million, accounting for 26.6%.



Exporting provinces and cities are more concentrated, Zhejiang Province ranks first

2023 The total exports of the top five provinces and cities in my country ’s medical dressing exports were US $ 3.166 billion, accounting for 79.2%of the national proportion. The total export value of the top ten provinces and cities was about 3.789 billion yuan, accounting for 94.75%, and exports were relatively concentrated. Zhejiang is a large province of medical dressing in my country, with an export value of US $ 763 million, accounting for 18.7%of the country.


Look forward to

This year, the challenges faced by my country's medical dressing products are still severe. First, the market demand for global inflation has declined, the impact of high bases and high inventory last year is superimposed at a very low -speed level. The profit of Chinese enterprises has been compressed; the third is that under the current trend of international anti -globalization, many foreign customers with traditional medical dressing have begun to propose the slogan of "China+". In order to retain old customers, the traditional medical dressing industry chain and production capacity have begun to have the beginning. The trend of moving towards the Southeast Asian market. Fourth, the regulations of the European Union's regulations have continued to rigorous, which has caused a lot of challenges and put forward the requirements for renewal; fifth, the trend of products upgrades in the medical dressing industry is obvious, high -end dressings lead the industry's development potential, but my country's high -end medical dressing in China There are still shortcomings in the production technology of raw material, and multinational giants occupy the main share of the high -end medical dressing market with their technical and talent advantages.

(The Secretariat of the China Medical and Protection Chamber of Commerce Medical Press Branch)

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