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Spunlace Non-Woven Wound Closure Strips
Spunlace non-woven wound closure strips is made by special spunlacenon-woven fabric coating with hypoallergenic pressure-sensitive is mainly used for auxiliary adhesive nursing in surgical or cosmeticoperation; wound care after surgical suture removal, to reduce scarformation; and repair of accidental knife wounds, cuts and other minorwounds in daily life.
Product Detail

Basic information
MaterialColorRelease paperPouchh
Spunlace non-woven fabric/Medical paper


CCK/Gration paper

Paper pouch

Size / Pakcing
3x75mm:2pcs/pouch 50pouches/bx 20bx /cs
6x38mm:1pc/pouch 50pouches/bx 20bx/cs
6x75mm:1pc/pouch 50pouches/bx 20bx/cs

6x100mm:1pc/pouch 50pouches/bx 20bx/cs

12x50mm:1pc/pouch 50pouches/bx 20bx/cs

12x100mm:2pcs/pouch 50pouches/bx 20bx/cs

12x125mm:1pc/pouch 50pouches/bx 20bx/cs

Customized sizes and packaging are available.

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