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Silk Tape
Silk tape is a kind of medical fix dressing, made of polyester/viscose/acetate fabric coating with medical press-sentitive adhesive; slitting into rolls. It is mainly used to fix the catheter or needle for infusion, fix the dressing when dressing the wound, and fix various plasters.
Product Detail

Basic information
MaterialColorPlastic spoolInner core

polyester / Viscose/

Acetate fabric

White / BegiePP / PS / ABSTransparent core / Paper core
PackingSize / Packing

Bulk / Plastic spool / Blister

1.25cmx5y:24rls / bx,720rls / cs

2.5cmx5y:12rls / bx,360rls / cs

5cmx5y:6rls / bx,180rls / cs

7.5cmx5y:6rls / bx,144rls / cs

10cmx5y:6rls / bx,108rls / cs

Customized sizes and packaging are available.

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